Sunday, 28 August 2016

Method 8 of 100 - Earn Money by Creating an Online Store

What is this?

There are thousands of ways to earn money; one easy way is to create an online store. Creating an online store is as cumbersome as literally building a shop. This has become a myth because you are going to find an easy way to create an online store and earn commission when a product sells.

Creating an online store involves buying a domain name, creating a website and hosting it with the help of an ISP, marketing, selling, and delivering the products. What if all these tasks are taken care for free by somebody, giving us the website and the potential to earn money? Yes, you can just design T-Shirts by placing texts and graphics online and add them to your online shop. Selling and delivering the products are taken care by the online design company. They allow us to design T-Shirts, Bags, and other items and publish them on to our online store. You design, publish them on to your online store, and earn commissions when they are sold through your online store. Sounds easy, isn't it?

Your graphic designing ideas or skills in developing interesting wordings would enable you to earn money by creating online stores for free. I have provided a list of online shops, which allow you to create your own online shop and take care of all the transactions. Still what are you waiting for? Generate ideas, create designs or write some interesting texts on t-shirts virtually and post them on your online store. You get commissions if somebody buys them through your online store.

Some online stores get the design from you and try to sell those through their websites. If the t-shirt with your design sells, you get a commission.

How to create an online store and earn money?

Follow these steps to create an online store and earn:
  1. Click a link that is given below.
  2. Register with the online design company by clicking the Signup or Register link in their website.
  3. Design your products using their tools and create your online store.
  4. Market your designs providing your online store's website link to the world using email and social networking websites.
  5. Receive commissions for the products sold through your online store.
  6. Repeat the steps using all the links given below.

Where to find the websites that helps us create online stores?

Clicking the links takes you to the online design companies' website, where you can register, create your online store and start earning money.

  1. Threadless
  2. SpreadShirt
  3. Zazzle
  4. CafePress
  5. BustedTees
  6. Nerdy Shirts
  7. 6DollarShirts
  8. Headline Shirts
  10. SackWear T-Shirts

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