Sunday, 28 August 2016

Method 15 of 100 - Earn Money By Uploading Videos to Youtube

You don’t have to be so good at shooting videos to earn money on youtube. But the youtube content is very important. If you have a good theme that grasps the audience attention and retention, then you can make money by uploading videos to Youtube. You can upload any videos to the Youtube: a naughty child video, beautiful baby’s video, a short film, a cooking recipe and how to videos to name a few. But make sure that the quality of the video and audio are good. Here’s how to upload your videos to Youtube.

How to earn money by uploading videos to Youtube?

Follow these steps to earn money by uploading videos to Youtube:
1. Go to the Youtube website
2. Log in using your Google account. If you don’t have a google account, create a new account.
3. Click the icon on the right corner and click the Creator Studio button from the drop-down list.

4. Click the upload button.
5. Click the Select files to upload button and browse the video file to upload it. This might take some time based on the size of your video file.
6. On the Basic Info tab, fill the Name and Description fields. Enter the keywords for your video in the last field. Keywords are the words that you expect the users to type and search for videos like yours.
7. Select the Monetization tab to enter monetizing details.

8. Select the types of ads that you want to display on your video.

9. Click the Insert ad and Save changes button to save the settings.
10. Click Publish to publish your video to the public.

11. Sit back and see how many people watch your videos and the revenue details by selecting Analytics tab from Creator Studio. 

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