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Method 11 of 100 - Earn Money by Publishing E-Books

What is publishing ebooks?
Until the last decade publishing books is a cumbersome process – You need to write, print the content, bind them in the form of a book and find a publisher to publish your book. Publishing books have become simple with ebooks - You can write content in word format, publish as PDF and then register with ebook publishing websites to publish and earn money from your ebook. Some companies like Amazon help you to create and publish even audio books and print books in addition to ebooks.

How to publish ebooks to earn money?

The steps to publish an ebook are:
1) Write good quality content.
2) Analyze and rate your content.
3) Create a cover page with attractive title.
4) Register with websites and publish your content.
The only talent you need to possess to publish and sell ebooks is writing skills. Don't worry if you don't possess the writing skills. Take the first step by following the points that I have given below to author a decent book.

1) Write good quality content.
Here, I provide some basics in creating a good content for novice writers.

a) Define the objectives.
Writing quality content starts with defining the learning objectives. Defining the objectives upfront gives you an idea on the contents that need to be covered in the book. Listing the objectives enables the readers to get an idea of what is in it for them in the book. Listing the objectives is pivotal for a book because the buyers will not have the time to read the content of the book before they buy. Instead, they go through the objectives and decide whether to buy or not.

b) Create a Table of Contents (TOC) page.
Apart from looking the objectives, the readers will also glance through the Table of Contents to decide on buying the book. So, it is important to provide the TOC and format it as a table for the readers to glance through easily.

c) Write quality content.
This is the place where you can prove the worthiness of the book. Quality content is one that enables the readers to comprehend easily. The sentences must be concise and not too wordy. At the same time, you should also take enough care of the content coverage – make sure that the required content is covered sufficiently on the topic or subtopic you are dealing with. Add headings and subheadings wherever required and format them to differentiate the paragraph and headings. This improves the readability of the content.

d) Add graphics and captions.
It is advisable to add graphics and captions to support the text content. In addition to improving the look and feel of the document, they also act as a catalyst for readers' understanding.

e) Add glossary and index pages.
These parameters enable the readers to easily locate and access the content they are looking for and also read and understand the definitions of certain important terms.

2) Analyze and rate your content.
The quality parameter plays an important role in selling your books. To determine the quality of your content, rate your book based on the parameters mentioned below:
Ask these questions to yourself before deciding to publish your ebook:
a) How useful the content will be to the readers of that particular niche?
b) How much of information have you presented?
c) How do you rate the quality of content?
d) How good is the presentation of the content?
e) Is the book presented with examples, analogies, graphics, and data to support the content?
f) Last but not the least – Will you buy this book if you are a buyer?
Give a rating for your answers of the above questions.
Poor - 1
Average - 2
Good - 3
Excellent - 4
If you get 3 or above in all these parameters, you can go ahead and publish your work. Otherwise, try to identify the gap and fill it. This improves the quality of your content and the opportunity to sell the ebook as well.

3) Create a cover page with an attracting title.
The readers or buyers get attracted by the cover page. You can attract them by adding beautiful graphics that are relevant to the subject of the book and persuade them by providing relevant title for the book. 

4) Register with websites and publish your content.
You should have your content in word or PDF format to publish as an ebook. The rest of the tasks till publishing and selling your ebooks is taken care by the ebook publishing websites.

Where to find the websites that help us to publish ebooks?

Clicking the links takes you to the ebook publishing websites, where you can publish your ebooks and earn money.

  1. Amazon KDP
  2. Pubit (Nook Press)
  3. Kobo
  4. Google Partner Program
  5. Smashwords
  6. iBookstore
  7. OverDrive
  8. Lulu
  9. Blurb
  10. WeBook

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