Sunday, 28 August 2016

Method 16 of 100 - Earn Money Using Amazon KDP

Another method to earn money is through Amazon KDP, that is, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. People who are good at writing books, articles, short stories, and novels can earn a lot of money using Amazon KDP. All you have to do is write a book or novel and publish it directly to Amazon KDP. People that have kindle will purchase your book and Amazon takes a percentage of sales and deposits the rest of the money to your account. Publishing a book in Amazon KDP is very simple.

Steps to publish a book in Amazon KDP
To publish a book in Amazon KDP:
1)    Write a book on a topic that you are passionate about. The quality of writing is important to have more sales.
2)    Format your book as per the instructions given by Amazon. For information on formatting, visit
3)    Log in to If you don’t have a login ID create one.
4)    On the Bookshelf tab, click Create new file and follow the instructions mentioned to upload and publish your book.

5)    Once your book is published, you can sit back and watch how many people buy your book in the Reports tab.

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