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Method 17 of 100 - Earn Money Creating Android Apps

 You know that Android market is huge. Billions of people are using Android smart phones every day. Wise people that are interested in making money can make use of this huge market. But, you need a big idea to earn money and knowledge in Android programming will be an added advantage. All you need to do is create an android app that you think people will use and upload to the Google Play or Amazon Apps. The more number of people use your app, the more revenue you generate. The crux of the matter is the idea. Here, I mention the different ways to create an Android App:

1)    Write Android programs to create your app, if you know Android programming.
2)    If you are not familiar with Android programming, create an app in HTML5 and convert it to Android app using the tools available on the web.
3)    If you don’t know HTML5, use some of the tools that generate HTML5 output and convert it to Android app using the tools available on the web.
4)    If you find the above methods difficult, hire a freelancer and get the Android app created from the freelancer using your idea.

The output file that you get is the .apk file. After creating the .apk file using any one of the above methods, follow these steps to upload your app into Google Play or Amazon Apps.

1)    Log in to to upload your files to Amazon.

2) Create a new login ID if you are not a member. It’s free when I am writing this.
3)  Follow the instructions given in the website to upload your app and publish. 
4) Sit back and watch how many people buy your app and how much money you make.

3.    To upload your app to Google Play, you need to pay some amount once and publish as many apps you want. Here’s the link to upload your app to Google Play.
     Create a new login ID if you are not a member.
            Follow the instructions given in the website to upload your app and publish. 
     Sit back and watch how many people buy your app and how much money you make.

Note: You can also add advertisements to your app using Admob and give your app for free. This can also generate a lot of money through ads.

Method 16 of 100 - Earn Money Using Amazon KDP

Another method to earn money is through Amazon KDP, that is, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. People who are good at writing books, articles, short stories, and novels can earn a lot of money using Amazon KDP. All you have to do is write a book or novel and publish it directly to Amazon KDP. People that have kindle will purchase your book and Amazon takes a percentage of sales and deposits the rest of the money to your account. Publishing a book in Amazon KDP is very simple.

Steps to publish a book in Amazon KDP
To publish a book in Amazon KDP:
1)    Write a book on a topic that you are passionate about. The quality of writing is important to have more sales.
2)    Format your book as per the instructions given by Amazon. For information on formatting, visit
3)    Log in to If you don’t have a login ID create one.
4)    On the Bookshelf tab, click Create new file and follow the instructions mentioned to upload and publish your book.

5)    Once your book is published, you can sit back and watch how many people buy your book in the Reports tab.

Method 15 of 100 - Earn Money By Uploading Videos to Youtube

You don’t have to be so good at shooting videos to earn money on youtube. But the youtube content is very important. If you have a good theme that grasps the audience attention and retention, then you can make money by uploading videos to Youtube. You can upload any videos to the Youtube: a naughty child video, beautiful baby’s video, a short film, a cooking recipe and how to videos to name a few. But make sure that the quality of the video and audio are good. Here’s how to upload your videos to Youtube.

How to earn money by uploading videos to Youtube?

Follow these steps to earn money by uploading videos to Youtube:
1. Go to the Youtube website
2. Log in using your Google account. If you don’t have a google account, create a new account.
3. Click the icon on the right corner and click the Creator Studio button from the drop-down list.

4. Click the upload button.
5. Click the Select files to upload button and browse the video file to upload it. This might take some time based on the size of your video file.
6. On the Basic Info tab, fill the Name and Description fields. Enter the keywords for your video in the last field. Keywords are the words that you expect the users to type and search for videos like yours.
7. Select the Monetization tab to enter monetizing details.

8. Select the types of ads that you want to display on your video.

9. Click the Insert ad and Save changes button to save the settings.
10. Click Publish to publish your video to the public.

11. Sit back and see how many people watch your videos and the revenue details by selecting Analytics tab from Creator Studio. 

Method 14 of 100 - Earn Money Through Referral Marketing

What is Referral Marketing?

You might have heard about referral marketing offline. For example, in your company, the HR announces that a commission will be given in the form of money or gift when you refer a friend for a posting in your company. If you refer a friend who joins the company and stays for certain months, you get a commission. The same way, if you refer a friend to register with a company that sells a product or service, you get a commission from that company. Here everything happens online.

Just to Motivate
If I can earn money online, why can't you?

You can refer not only your friends and relatives here, but also anyone in the world who is interested. There are different ideas you can try to do referral marketing.
 1) When you register with a website, they provide you a referral link. Place the link in your blog/website, so that visitors to your website may register with those companies through your referral link.
2) Send mails to your friends and relatives to register with the company through your referral link. You need to attach your referral links in your mails.
3) Use social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to spread the word and make people register with these websites.

How to earn money through referral marketing?

Follow these steps to earn money through referral marketing:
1. Click a link that is given below.
2. Register with these websites by clicking the Signup or Register link in their websites.
3. Use the techniques mentioned in the above paragraph to earn more referrals using your referral link.
4. Receive commissions for referring more people to their websites.
6. Repeat the steps using all the links given below.

Where to find the websites that help us earn money through referral marketing?

Clicking the links takes you to the websites, where you can register and use your referral links to earn money.

Method 13 of 100 - Earn Money by Creating a Website

How can you earn money creating a website?

It is important to create a website if you want to earn consistently. This also gives you the opportunity to earn passive income. However, you cannot earn any money just by creating a website. You need to generate a lot of traffic to your website. That means, you should have at least 1000 visitors visiting your website every day. Sounds difficult? Actually it is not difficult if you know the techniques to generate the traffic. I will give you different ideas to generate the traffic later on this page. Now, what are the different ways to earn money using the website traffic?

1) Earn through affiliate marketing
Yes, affiliate marketing is marketing others' products or services using different techniques like sending emails, using social media, websites, and blogs. You, the affiliate, and the advertisers register with Affiliate Marketing Networks. Affiliate marketing networks like CJ (Commission Junction) act as the middleman. You get the banner and/or text link advertisements from the Affiliate networks and place them on your website by just copying and pasting a simple code. The advertisement displays on your web page. If a user clicks the advertisement, he/she will be taken to the advertiser's products page where the user can buy the product or service. You will get a commission for referring the user to their product from the advertiser through the middleman. If you have good website traffic, the probability of earning money is more.

2) Earn through direct advertising
Instead of going through the affiliate marketing companies, you can directly have a dealing with the advertisers, which enables you to earn more money than affiliate marketing. To achieve this, you should have thousands of visitors visiting your website. You can allocate a separate placeholder for advertisements on your webpage stating that the area is for advertising. You can also directly contact the advertisers if you are aware of any advertisers looking for placing ads on web pages. Sometimes, the advertisers may contact you if you really have a huge traffic to your website.

3) Publish an ebook and place a link on your website
You can also write an ebook and publish it on wbsites like Amazon Kindle. Then place a link to the ebook on your website that has high traffic. Attract your website visitors to follow the link and purchase the ebook. You sell the book for just $1. If you are able to convert at least 1000 visitors to buyers a month, you earn $1000/month. Keep publishing interesting and useful books and earn money on a regular basis.

4) Resell your website
As your website gets popular, the cost and demand of your website grows high. At some point you can even sell your website for huge money based on your website's traffic. You can register with a lot of resellers available in the market to sell your website and make a huge profit. To know more about reselling your website or domain name, visit my page on Flipping Domain Names.

Tips to Generate Website Traffic

There are different ways to generate traffic to your website. I have mentioned a few here.
1) While creating a website make sure that you implement all the SEO techniques in your website.
a) Add relevant keywords to all your pages.
b) Add a description for each of your web pages.
c) Create as many quality backlinks as possible. By saying quality backlinks, I mean that many high ranking websites should have links pointing to your web pages.
d) Create webpages with unique and useful content to visitors.
2) You can sign with Google Adwords to get the traffic initially. Registering with Google Adwords paying a few dollars, Google displays ads for your site on various websites. People visiting those websites may be routed to your website clicking those links.
3) You can use social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to attract them to your website. I generated a good traffic from Linkedin. Here, I reveal the technique I adapted to generate traffic from Linkedin. I placed ads on a specific product on my web page. I became a member of the Linkedin group that uses this product and placed a comment on that product. Immediately, the next day, I found a lot of visitors to my website. A good percentage of visitors also clicked the advertisement and bought the products, which increased my earnings tremendously. But, you should make sure that you become a member of the group that has millions of members. 
4) Placing comments on websites and blogs that have a good traffic is also a good idea to generate traffic to your website. I place comments on big websites that have content related to my web pages and place my websites' link along with the comment. Most of their visitors read my comment and click the link to become my visitors.
5) Another way to generate traffic is that you can write and publish articles in many popular websites like Squidoo and ezine. But, make sure to add your website's link in those articles. As those websites have millions of visitors already, a percentage of them may read your articles, click the link that you provided and get directed to your website.

How to create a website?

To create a website, you need two main things: one is a domain name and the other is a web hosting space. Please follow these steps to create a website.
1) Identify a domain name relevant to your content and buy it from one of the Domain name providers. You can find a list of them on
2) Buy a domain hosting space to host your website. You can find a list of them on
3) Create a website implementing all the SEO techniques and upload the pages on your hosting space.

4) Add affiliate links and banners to your website and start earning money.

Method 12 of 100 - Earn Money by Flipping Domain Names

What is Domain Name Flipping?
Domain name flipping is just buying a domain for a less cost and selling it at a higher price. You can gain profit by flipping domain in either of the two stages.
a) Selling the domain name immediately after buying it.
b) Selling the domain after developing a website and gaining some traffic.
Flipping a domain name can earn you a little money, whereas flipping a website earns you significant amount of money. You need to do a research before buying a domain name. The domain names with .com extension has more demand. Shorter the domain names with single or double syllable, higher the demand. The domain names that can be easily spelled and pronounced have higher chance to sell. After identifying a list of domain names, log in to one of the domain name sellers' websites and check if the domain name is available. Pricing the domain names also plays an important role in selling them. Fixing a higher price for a normal domain name makes it difficult to sell. Some websites allow you to sell your domains on auctions.

How to flip domain names?

Steps to flip web pages and earn money:
  1. Identify a domain name that has the potential to earn you more money.
  2. Check if the domain name is available using one of the domain name sellers' websites.
  3. Analyze the demand for the domain name and fix a price for the domain name.
  4. Sell through secure domain transfer and escrow service so that you don't get deceived by the buyer.
  5. Receive the payment.

Where to find the websites that help us flip domain names?

Clicking the links takes you to the website, where you can register and flip your domain names.

Method 11 of 100 - Earn Money by Publishing E-Books

What is publishing ebooks?
Until the last decade publishing books is a cumbersome process – You need to write, print the content, bind them in the form of a book and find a publisher to publish your book. Publishing books have become simple with ebooks - You can write content in word format, publish as PDF and then register with ebook publishing websites to publish and earn money from your ebook. Some companies like Amazon help you to create and publish even audio books and print books in addition to ebooks.

How to publish ebooks to earn money?

The steps to publish an ebook are:
1) Write good quality content.
2) Analyze and rate your content.
3) Create a cover page with attractive title.
4) Register with websites and publish your content.
The only talent you need to possess to publish and sell ebooks is writing skills. Don't worry if you don't possess the writing skills. Take the first step by following the points that I have given below to author a decent book.

1) Write good quality content.
Here, I provide some basics in creating a good content for novice writers.

a) Define the objectives.
Writing quality content starts with defining the learning objectives. Defining the objectives upfront gives you an idea on the contents that need to be covered in the book. Listing the objectives enables the readers to get an idea of what is in it for them in the book. Listing the objectives is pivotal for a book because the buyers will not have the time to read the content of the book before they buy. Instead, they go through the objectives and decide whether to buy or not.

b) Create a Table of Contents (TOC) page.
Apart from looking the objectives, the readers will also glance through the Table of Contents to decide on buying the book. So, it is important to provide the TOC and format it as a table for the readers to glance through easily.

c) Write quality content.
This is the place where you can prove the worthiness of the book. Quality content is one that enables the readers to comprehend easily. The sentences must be concise and not too wordy. At the same time, you should also take enough care of the content coverage – make sure that the required content is covered sufficiently on the topic or subtopic you are dealing with. Add headings and subheadings wherever required and format them to differentiate the paragraph and headings. This improves the readability of the content.

d) Add graphics and captions.
It is advisable to add graphics and captions to support the text content. In addition to improving the look and feel of the document, they also act as a catalyst for readers' understanding.

e) Add glossary and index pages.
These parameters enable the readers to easily locate and access the content they are looking for and also read and understand the definitions of certain important terms.

2) Analyze and rate your content.
The quality parameter plays an important role in selling your books. To determine the quality of your content, rate your book based on the parameters mentioned below:
Ask these questions to yourself before deciding to publish your ebook:
a) How useful the content will be to the readers of that particular niche?
b) How much of information have you presented?
c) How do you rate the quality of content?
d) How good is the presentation of the content?
e) Is the book presented with examples, analogies, graphics, and data to support the content?
f) Last but not the least – Will you buy this book if you are a buyer?
Give a rating for your answers of the above questions.
Poor - 1
Average - 2
Good - 3
Excellent - 4
If you get 3 or above in all these parameters, you can go ahead and publish your work. Otherwise, try to identify the gap and fill it. This improves the quality of your content and the opportunity to sell the ebook as well.

3) Create a cover page with an attracting title.
The readers or buyers get attracted by the cover page. You can attract them by adding beautiful graphics that are relevant to the subject of the book and persuade them by providing relevant title for the book. 

4) Register with websites and publish your content.
You should have your content in word or PDF format to publish as an ebook. The rest of the tasks till publishing and selling your ebooks is taken care by the ebook publishing websites.

Where to find the websites that help us to publish ebooks?

Clicking the links takes you to the ebook publishing websites, where you can publish your ebooks and earn money.

  1. Amazon KDP
  2. Pubit (Nook Press)
  3. Kobo
  4. Google Partner Program
  5. Smashwords
  6. iBookstore
  7. OverDrive
  8. Lulu
  9. Blurb
  10. WeBook