Saturday, 14 May 2016

Method 2 of 100 - Earn Money by Transcribing Audios

What is Transcription?

To say in simple words, "Transcription is converting speech to text". The sources for transcription includes but not limited to podcasts, videos, and webinars. You need to listen to the audio and convert the speech into text.

How to Transcribe?

You can either do the conversion manually or by using tools.

Manual Conversion: You need to open the audio or video file, listen to the audio a sentence at a time and type the text in a word document or any text file. The issue in doing the transcription manually is that the audio runs faster than your typing speed. If you are an amateur, you need to rewind and hear three to five times to type one big sentence.

Using Tools: You can also use tools to convert audio to text. Very few tools are available in the market to do this job, of which only a few with 50 - 60 % perfection. You need to review the document again to correct all the mistakes. Sometimes, this will be a time saving process and most of the time it will consume more time than required. Here's a list of tools that you can use for this purpose. They either convert audio files to text or listen to the audio through mic and convert them to text.

1. Wav to Text

2. Google Voice

3. MacSpeech Dictate

4. Dragon Naturally Speaking

Just to Motivate

No Seed, No Fruit….No Pain, No Gain….No Effort, No Money

How much you are paid?

The amount that these companies pay varies slightly. But, at the minimum they pay you around $1 for transcribing a 6 minute audio file. That is, you get $10 if you transcribe a 1 hr audio file.

Where to find Transcription jobs online?

Here, I list some of the websites that offer you transcription jobs to work from home. Some of them are open only for American citizens and some are open to all.


  1. Scribie
  3. AccuTranGlobal
  4. gmrTranscription
  5. Breitner
  6. Clark Fork Communications
  7. ATSI
  8. Tigerfish
  9. Aero Transcription Service
  10. accuro
  11. Digital Transcription Systems
  12. alice darling
  13. Chronicle Transcripts
  14. Accentance
  15. Mmodal
  16. Verbal Fusion
  17. Verbalink
  18. Caption Colorado

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