Saturday, 14 May 2016

Method 4 of 100 - Earn Money by Utilizing Established Websites' Traffic

What is this?

The more traffic your website has, the more money you make using the traffic. But the reality is, it takes months and even years to get high traffic for your websites. You need to really work hard to pull the traffic to your website. So, let's do a smart work instead of hard work. What I mean is let us utilize someone else's website traffic to earn money. No need to create website, buy a hosing space and a domain name, and there is no necessity to learn and implement the SEO techniques. Just utilize established websites' traffic.

There are well established websites' that invite us to write content and publish in their web pages. If you get more visitors for the web pages that have your content, you get paid for it. In addition to that you also get a share of their advertisement revenue from those pages. Sounds lucrative?

How to utilize the popular websites' traffic?

Follow these steps to earn money utilizing the popular websites' traffic:
  1. Click the links that are given below to enter the websites that have high traffic.
  2. Register with them by clicking the Signup or Register link in their website.
  3. Write an article on your favorite topic and publish in their websites.
  4. Receive the checks for your smart work.

Just to Motivate

Enjoy while you learn and learn to enjoy while you work.

Where to find these popular websites that publish our articles?

The links to the popular websites are given below. Go ahead and click these links to register with them and start earning your money.

  1. Squidoo
  2. Yahoo Contributor Network
  3. Helium
  5. Writers Market

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